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 if using divi standard menu then dont use css use the divi settings when you can to ajust spacing logo size etc




1. FONTS AND PADDING FOR SECTIONS ROWS ETC use divi settings / and change devices in visual builder when possible for fonts / padding etc
2. GRADIENTS ON IMAGES – use gradients from for background images so client OR we can change easily , even bad images can look good with gradients. Try be consistent over site with gradient colour used on images.
3. CSS WHERE TO PUT – if you need to use css try place in module settings or if cannot place there then place here   so when we copy page it comes with it
4. TEXT MODULE: When using text module for headings and then main content. You must make  headings H1 first then you are able to use the module settings to  adjust size and colour. If not allowing you to make H1 then do it from the editor to make H1 .


1.  Images – make sure when upload image to site path is correct and any other links on site

2.  Look at mobile menu to see if colors match site


3.  Try use default font for all sections that way can change easily in customizer

4.  Footer – Use global footer only not widget

5.  Check each page is responsive for all 3 views in visual builder

6.  Adjust padding between content in the 3 views if needed in visual builder

7. will add as i think of more