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NGV Global 2016 Conference and Exhibition

On behalf of NGV Global, the world’s leading association for promoting the development of the global use of natural gas in transportation market, I invite [company name] to participate in the forthcoming NGV Global 2016 conference and exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia from 4-7 October 2016.

“Although natural gas has been a familiar component of Russia’s economy for a long time, the transportation sector is akin to a new market burgeoning with opportunity.”

NGV Global 2016 brings together sustainable transportation stakeholders from around the world including technology companies, fleet operators, OEMs, infrastructure developers, fuel providers and policymakers.


Russia is rich in natural gas. While it developed efficiencies supplying its own and the world’s increasing hunger for gas for energy, only a low emphasis was placed on developing its own natural gas for transportation market. That changed in 2013 when the Government decreed massive targets for natural gas refueling infrastructure and natural gas fueled fleets. Russia has taken a fresh look at the many benefits of utilizing ground natural gas and renewable natural gas as a clean, sustainable mobility fuel.

At the same time northern Europe has focused strongly on LNG for marine transportation and Europe-wide LNG Corridors for heavy duty vehicles are advancing. The CNG/biomethane fuel market across all of Europe continues to expand also.

Resultant vehicle development, engine technologies and gas storage innovation are of interest to both new and maturing NGV markets.

In St. Petersburg itself, Gazomotornoye Toplivo, LLC (Gazprom Gas Engine Fuel) has commenced construction of a network of CNG stations, planning 25 in the city by 2018. Already the city has a large fleet of natural gas buses, and municipal and specialty natural gas powered vehicles.

Across the country, new technology developments are being stimulated by the Government’s renewed emphasis on promoting the domestic market. Vehicle manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, engine developers and component manufacturers are investigating partnerships with companies outside of Russia to gain market advantage.

We strongly recommend your participation at NGV Global 2016 as a valuable forum for knowledge exchange and more importantly a commercial platform into one of the world’s new natural gas for transportation markets.

Please contact the Conference Secretariat at or +612 9436 0232.

Yours sincerely

Diego Goldin
Executive Director
NGV Global


Educational sessions will include:

•    NGV deployment and infrastructure case studies from leading public and private fleets
•    The latest OEM and aftermarket technologies
•    Marine, Rail and off Road applications
•    Fuel supply, procurement, and infrastructure solutions
•    Marketing strategies and challenges
•    Regulatory and standardization topics and trends
•    Emissions reductions and air quality improvement strategies
•    Total cost of ownership and residual values
•    Venture capitals, funding and economics in NGV industry
•    Industry trends and key market drivers in the years ahead


Exhibitor Profile

•    Fleets
•    Technology companies – Refuelling (LNG, CNG), Gas Quality, Measurement
•    Storage
•    OEMs
•    Marine applications
•    Infrastructure developers
•    Fuel Providers
•    Government representatives

Policy Makers

Following review of the floor plan and packages listed, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements for NGV GLOBAL 2016 and tailor a specific sponsorship package and/or space within the exhibition to meet your objectives.
Spaces within the exhibition have already been secured, so we invite you to contact Lorraine Elysee, Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales Executive,  to discuss the opportunities and space we currently have available.

Please click here to view the sponsorship prospectus.

Please click here to view the Exhibition overview


The Organising Committee invites you to submit your paper for consideration for inclusion in the NGV GLOBAL 2016 Conference and Exhibition Program. All abstracts for inclusion will be reviewed and graded by the Committee.

Critical Dates

Abstract submission opens : Now Open
Submission closing date : 1 June 2016
Notification of acceptance of abstracts : 13 July 2016
Deadline for early bird registration fee : 24 August 2016
NGV Global 2016 Conference  : 4-7 October 2016


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