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img_31-101x101Lisa Whistler

Super fun time-spending!! I really enjoyed the Dino adventure!! It was cool playing in the indoor and outdoor play areas, woodland maze, mini farm and sky walk. It was a fantastic place to spend time with my friends for the day, we had so much to do and see!! This is also a great place to have a picnic!

Anna Anderson

One of the best dinosaur parks I’ve ever been to. Very nice place. I enjoyed walking around and looking at the bones. This park and museum has fossils, replicas, displays. Most of all I liked the gift shop that is fun to walk through. It was fascinating to see the life-size dinosaurs outdoors.

Spanch Bob

It was so exciting to visit this park and to have Jurassic Journey. Everyone has fallen in love with it! We had extreme fun as we raced around a themed track with cool dinosaurs! Most of all I liked volcano and meteor obstacles on the Jurassic Putt course!